Announcing the PVD Tech Events Blog and Slack

November 14, 2015 byMatt Gillooly

This site has historically been been all about the calendar feed of local tech meetups. It is called PVD Tech Events, after all. But the larger goal is to help the Providence tech community connect, and it turns out that there are some types of information which don't belong in a calendar feed. Who knew, right?

So, I'm happy to announce a couple new formats we're playing with.

First is our Slack account, which is already bustling with friendly Providence-area techies. It was helpful in organizing the recently launched Providence Distributed Systems meetup, and it's a great place to chat with local techies about whatever you like.

The second new thing is the blog that you're reading right now. I expect it to be a low-volume channel for sharing non-event information that's relevant to the community. So, if the Slack chat sounds a little noisy for your tastes, keep your eyes peeled here for the highlights.