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Nov 10
6:00 PM

Providence Distributed Systems Meetup

Roundtable: AWS Lambda and Kinesis, Experiences and Best Practices

Join us for a roundtable discussion about experiences and best practices using AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis, featuring engineers from local companies Motel, Swipely, and AppNeta.

Come prepared with questions and experiences of your own!  Pizza and refreshments will be provided, courtesy of AppNeta.  Location TBA.

For more background:

Lambda is a relatively new service from AWS that allows developers to deploy a "serverless stack" — it runs code without requiring the user provision or manage servers.  Lambda automatically runs code in response to events from other services (from API Gateway calls, S3 and DynamoDB updates, Kinesis streams, or SNS messages), or at scheduled times (like cron) and is priced according to how many seconds your code uses to run.

Kinesis (now known as Amazon Kinesis Streams) is a service for storing and processing streaming data.  Similar to Apache Kafka, Kinesis streams allow users to store real-time event data, while providing APIs that allow one or multiple readers to read and process the past 24 hours of the stream.

Combined, Lambda and Kinesis offer an easy way to deploy code that responds to user and machine events, (via S3, DynamoDB, or Kinesis) or from HTTP requests (using AWS API Gateway) without requiring any servers.  Come to the meetup to share how you are using Lambda and Kinesis or learn how other Providence companies are using it!