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Mar 18
2:00 PM


Web Event: AMA With Capital One's Senior UI Designer Margaret Haag

Join us on Wednesday, March 18 at 2pm EST for a live AMA with Margaret. If you have questions in advance, please tweet them using the hashtag .

To participate and view the AMA, please go here.

With ModevUX coming up in just a week, it's time to start having the transformative discussions that change the way we look at user experience (UX). On March 24, Capital One's ‎Senior UI Designer, Margaret Haag will be discussing how to keep creativity alive in user interfaces.

The mobile world has taken over, and as we begin to adopt wearables, UI will drastically change. From large desktop monitors, to small watch faces, to some interfaces with no screens at all, there are many unknowns about the future of UI. Join us as we discuss how you can maximize your creativity regardless of the amount of pixels that you have available.

To learn more about ModevUX, see the speakers and lineup at

Sep 17
5:30 PM


Privacy and Security - "A Mobile Imperative"

Join us in Rhode Island for the expert-led panel discussion on "Privacy and Security- A Mobile Imperative."

After the NSAs domestic surveillance program was leaked and several major security breaches that impact consumers made headlines, demand for airtight privacy and security of apps has dramatically increased and more so in the area of mobile healthcare. 

Join Modev, Digital City, and our friends at ACT for an evening with experts to learn about the latest requirements when it comes to privacy and methods for securing your apps across major platforms . Our panel of experts will discuss and field your questions on "Privacy and Security- A Mobile Imperative". 

Attendees will also receive specific information on how to write a easy-to-understand privacy policy for your applications authored by ACT. 


5:30-6pm- Networking, Food and Drinks

6:15-7:15pm- Panel Discussion and Q & A

7:15-Until- Networking and Adjourn

Panel TBD

Special Thanks to:

Aug 17
7:00 PM


Habro-a-thon: playing with innovation

Hey! What are you doing the weekend of August 17th & 18th? You should check out the Hasbro Hackathon at headquarters in Pawtucket, RI. Developers, makers, creatives, designers, artists and entrepreneurs will have 24 hours to create a unique and original play experience app, website, game or toy!
Use the discount code TOYATHON to get FREE ticket.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you register via Eventbrite on the site above, using "TOYATHON" discount code to get a free ticket. Then come back to and show that you're attending.


Apr 24
7:00 PM


An Evening With Samsung

MoDev is partnering with Samsung to bring you a great night at iStrategyLabsnew HQ in Dupont Circle. The program will feature demos on the latest devices and offer a sneak peak into the most recent SDKs and APIs available throughSamsung Developers.

If you're doing something cool on Samsung devices by all means submit a talk.

Thanks to the team at iStrategy Labs for hosting and the team at Samsung Developers for coming out from the west coast to spend some quality time with the MoDev community. This is going to be a great night all around.